Importing a Coloring Page

Please visit the NEW Kea Coloring Book website. This is the old site for earlier versions of the coloring book.

With the Parent Tools you can import an image to use as a coloring page.  

Images to Import

The best images to use are those that already be like a coloring page.  These are black and white outlines that you have drawn, or downloaded from the web.  You can often find great pictures just using Google's Image Search and include the term "coloring page".

You can also import pictures that are colored, but result vary.  A cartoon-like picture will often work well.

Photos DO NOT import well, because coloring pages need to have outlines, and things in real life don't have outlines.

How to Import

  1. Open the Parent Tools.
  2. Go to File > Import graphic file.
  3. Enter a Title (and optional Artist and Description), then click [OK].
  4. Select a file to import.
  5. In the Image conversion dialog adjust the settings until you get an acceptable picture, then click [OK].
  6. Optional: Test the picture and make changes as needed (see below).
  7. Go to File > Save and save the picture - you can then add it to the picture catalog.

Test and Fix Picture

The Parent Tools provide basic picture testing and editing capabilities.

Paint Bucket

The paint bucket lets you test coloring in your picture.  It is a good idea to just choose a dark color and color in the whole picture to test it.

Pay attention that paint does not leak out of areas, and that it flows everywhere you expect it to.  If it leaks you should close up any gaps.  If paint does not reach some areas you will need to either widen the space to let paint through, or change those areas to black by drawing over them with the pencil.

Pencil and Eraser

The pencil lets you draw outlines - the black part of the coloring page.  You can adjust it's width.

The eraser lets you remove outlines.  You can adjust it's width too.

It is a good idea to zoom in when using these tools so that you can see what you are doing at a pixel level.

Border Tool

The border tool can automatically add borders.


You can easily create your own coloring pages.  Import an image. Color it to test painting. Adjust outlines using the pencil and eraser. Save the coloring page.