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1. Aztec
1500 x 1500
A mandala pattern inspired by
the art of the Aztecs.
(Kea Software)
2. Charapatra
1500 x 1500
An Indian styled mandala.
(Kea Software)
Daisy Dream
3. Daisy Dream
1500 x 1500
A flower-like mandala.
(Kea Software)
Mandala 12
4. Mandala 12
593 x 600
(Nacho Asensio)
Mandala 13
5. Mandala 13
500 x 500
(Nacho Asensio)
Mandalas para Kea 1
6. Mandalas para Kea 1
538 x 536
My first mandala. Mi primer
(Nacho Asensio (Malaga-Spain))
Mandalas para Kea 2
7. Mandalas para Kea 2
600 x 600
(Nacho Asensio (Malaga-Spain))
Mandalas para Kea 3
8. Mandalas para Kea 3
565 x 567
(Nacho Asensio (Malaga-Spain))
Mandalas para Kea 4
9. Mandalas para Kea 4
535 x 532
(Nacho Asensio (Malaga-Spain))
Mandalas para Kea 5
10. Mandalas para Kea 5
593 x 591
(Nacho Asensio (Malaga-Spain))
Mandalas para Kea 6
11. Mandalas para Kea 6
600 x 600
(Nacho Asensio (Malaga-Spain))
Mirror Mirror
12. Mirror Mirror
1500 x 1500
A highly symmetrical mandala.
(Kea Software)
13. Sliced
1500 x 1500
Overlapping, semicurved,
reversed, seven-slice star,

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