Managing the Catalog

Please visit the NEW Kea Coloring Book website. This is the old site for earlier versions of the coloring book.

With so many coloring pages to download, and ones you create on your own you might want to control which ones you want appearing in the coloring book.  The parent tool allows you to manage them in the Catalog.

You also use the Parent Tools to manage the list if you have manually moved .kcx files to the catalog directory (usually Pictures\Kea Coloring\catalog).

1. Open the Parent Tools

2. Go to Catalog | Edit catalog...

The catalog dialog will appear.  The list on the left shows those coloring pages that are available but not currently included in the catalog.

3. Move Coloring Pages

If you just want to move one coloring page you can simply double click it to move it to the opposite side (i.e. from Available to Catalog or from Catalog to Available).

For more than one coloring page, you can select multiple and then use the arrow buttons to move them.

4. Arranging the Catalog

The form shows two lists labelled Available (on the left) and Catalog (on the right).

Under Available you will see all the files that are available but haven't yet been added to the Catalog.

Under Catalog are the files that show up in the coloring book.

You can move one or more files from Available to the Catalog, by selecting them and then clicking the green arrow.

You can move one or more files from the Catalog to Available, by selecting them and then clicking the red arrow.

To select more than one file hold down the [Ctrl] key.

To quickly move a single file, just double-click it.

You can also move items up and down in the catalog (only one at a time).

5. Press [OK] to save

Remember to press the [OK] button when you are done.  If you just close the form your changes are not saved!

6. Close the Parent Tools

When you are done close the Parent Tools.