Downloading Coloring Pages

Please visit the NEW Kea Coloring Book website. This is the old site for earlier versions of the coloring book.

You can download additional coloring pages from our catalog of over 300 pictures.

How do I download pictures?

These detailed instructions will help you to download a single picture and add it to the catalog.
(Note: Examples and instructions relate to Firefox. Other browsers will be similar.)

1. Go to the Coloring Page catalog on the Kea Software website

Choose Download Coloring Pages from the menu.
The catalog of pictures is divided into a number of different categories.

2. Find a picture and click to download

Browse through the list of categories and find a picture that you want, then click on it to download.

3. Open the file

The File Download dialog opens, asking whether you want to Open or Save the file.

Select Open with Kea Coloring Book Parent Tools, and click [OK].

The new picture will be downloaded and opened in the Parent Tools.

4. Save to catalog path

The Parent Tools will open and display the downloaded file.

You will be asked if you want to save the file to the Catalog path.

Click [Yes] and then click [Save].

5. Put the new picture into the Catalog

Once the picture has been saved you will normally want to allow it to be colored in.  The Parent Tools will ask if you want to add the picture to the catalog.

Click [Yes].

Open file6. Arranging the Catalog

The form shows two lists labelled Available (on the left) and Catalog (on the right).

Under Available you will see all the files that are available but haven't yet been added to the Catalog.

Under Catalog are the files that show up in the coloring book.

You can move one or more files from Available to the Catalog, by selecting them and then clicking the green arrow.

You can move one or more files from the Catalog to Available, by selecting them and then clicking the red arrow.

To select more than one file hold down the [Ctrl] key.

You can also move items up and down in the catalog (only one at a time).

7. Press [OK] to save

Remember to press the [OK] button when you are done.  If you just close the form your changes are not saved!

8. Close the Parent Tools

When you are done close the Parent Tools.

What sort of coloring pages are there?

There are a lot of coloring pages!  They range from educational coloring pages to others just for fun. They include simple pictures for littler kids to beautiful mandalas loved by adults. There are fairy coloring pages, dinosaur coloring pages, and bible coloring pages.  There are pictures of people, pictures of animals and fish, pictures of trucks and cars, , people playing sport, mythical creatures, ...

We have tried to make it easier for you to find the ones you want by organizing them into sensible categories.

And if all that wasn't enough ... You can even add your own pictures!

Where do these pictures come from?

Many of the pictures that are available were created by Kea Software, but we have also received a great number of pictures from our wonderful users - people just like you!

Why is my favourite cartoon character not there?

Unfortunately such images are copyright or are trademarked characters, and we therefore cannot legally offer them for download. We have tried to contact some of the owners of these images, but to no avail.

What if I want a picture that is not there?

If there is a particular kind of picture you would like that is not in the catalog, please feel free to ask us, using the contact form.